The Love is Love Wedding Giveaway

In January, we were honored to be a part of the Love is Love Wedding Giveaway, concepted by photographer [Lisa Woods][0] and coordinated by Kate Goddard of [Wild Sky Events][1]. Lisa and Kate, along with a host of local vendors (who are all listed below), teamed up to create a stunningly gorgeous, one of a kind wedding for Cassie + Amber, the lucky winners of the giveaway. And they each did it on their own dime.

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Planning an Outdoor Summer Wedding In Texas? Be careful!

The Texas summer heat is upon us!   

Drink Slingers has provided wedding bartenders for many, many Austin weddings and Texas Hill Country summer weddings. We have seen it done the right way and the ... not so right way!

Last year, one outdoor wedding was so hot, the guests did not feel like even having a cocktail. They sat in the direct afternoon sun during the ceremony and all they wanted to do afterward was have cold water – and a swim! The bride was literally dripping wet with sweat in her wedding gown and the groomsmen had sweat seeping through their suits.

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Do You Need a Full Bar at Your Austin Wedding or Corporate Event?

Many people think that having an open bar at their Austin wedding, private party or corporate event is a good idea.

Ummm ... no.

The next time you are at a regular bar in austin, watch the bartenders. What do you think they will serve the most? Yup, beer!

If you want to spend the money and energy having a full bar – go right ahead. Just remember a couple of things:

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Five Reasons to Hire an Event Bartender for Your Wedding

Springtime in Austin means many couples are busy planning for their big day. Weddings in Austin and the Hill Country are wonderful any time of year, but there is something about spring, isn’t there?

Here are five reasons why you should hire an Austin bartender for your wedding event:

5. YOU GET TO ENJOY YOUR OWN WEDDING – Having an Austin bartender do all the “hard work” allows you to worry about the other important matters, such as who will dance with your kid sister or “how long should I keep him waiting….”

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A Self Service Bar at Your Austin Cocktail Party?

So, tonight is the big night! You are hosing a much talked about, long-awaited Austin cocktail party in your very own condo! All your friends (even a few sort of friends) from Georgetown and Round Rock, to Buda and Wimberly have responded YES to the Facebook invites. The condo is sparkling, the dog is with your Mom and the playlist has been approved by your hipster co-worker. You even have that new little black dress hanging upstairs ready to show off your hard earned Pure Austin figure!

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Social Host Liability - How to Avoid A Lawsuit!

Our Austin bartenders would never ruin someone else’s party – but did you know that you, as a social host, might be held liable for damage or injury caused by one of your party guest?  Yikes!

The Houston, Texas law firm of Vujasinovic & Beckcom P.L.L.Cstates [on their website][1]:


“Social Host Liability: Could You Be Responsible For Intoxicated Guests Who Cause Accidents In Texas?

Depending on the laws of your state, someone throwing a party and serving alcohol could be found responsible for a traffic accident or other injury that occurs because of the actions of an intoxicated guest. Called 'social host liability', you may be responsible for damages in some states if you serve alcohol to someone at your home who then causes an accident or an injury.”


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