Austin Event Bartender's Hidden Costs

Event bartending in Austin isn't easy and it isn't cheap!

Hopefully, you are hiring a professional Austin event Bartender who is Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) certified, has experience and is watching out for your best interests. For example, everyone knows Bartenders should never serve an underage or intoxicated guest!

But do you always get what you pay for? Some Austin event bartending companies will provide a bartender, but then charge you extra to use their bar, ice chests, bar tools and utensils, ice buckets, pitchers, cups, napkins on and on. We worked with one Austin Bartender who even charged for a tablecloth. It seems Austin bartenders are getting worse than airlines with their hidden charges!

Drink Slingers, LLC is an Austin event bartending company that has no hidden fees. We provide our bar, ice chests, bar tools, etc as part of our service. We can also throw in a free on-site visit if we haven't been to your venue before (and if it's inside Austin city limits) to help you plan the “flow” of a party. For example, we know that, in order to avoid crowds, you don’t set up the bar next to the food table. Also, we know not to set up the bar in the front of your house when you want guests to mingle in your backyard! Our Austin bartenders have plenty of experience with parties and we share our knowledge for free! We’ll even throw in a complimentary tablecloth if needed!

Drink Slingers, LLC provides Austin event bartenders who are professional and TABC-certified, as well all the other items needed for the perfect event!