Lucky you!

The higher ups thought YOU would be a great choice to find a private event bartender in Austin to serve you and your guests at the: company holiday party, the family reunion, your daughter’s wedding reception, the new home party, a corporate event, your fantasy football party, a memorial service or your son’s (he-finally-got-a-job) party!

No matter the event – simply follow these 5 steps before you hire someone unknown to come into your office, home, wedding, apartment, clubhouse, etc.!

STEP 1: Know that Texas has a Host Liability law. For example, you have a party at your house. You give your ex-wife’s new boyfriend lots and lots of vodka, because “he is gonna need it.” On his way home, the 20-year-old boyfriend (“He looked older”) rides his jeep over your neighbor’s lawn furniture. Yikes – you (the Host) can be held liable for serving someone underage and serving someone who appeared to be intoxicated.

STEP 2: Hire only a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) certified bartenders. Drink Slingers LLC supplies ONLY TABC-certified bartenders for your events. You can check a bartender’s certification at TABC’s website.

STEP 3: Make sure the person or company you hire is insured! Most venues require a minimum of $1 million dollars in liability insurance – simply because alcohol is being served. Remember that Host Liability law? If your bartender makes a mistake, which causes damage, and he/she is not insured, guess whom they are coming after? YOU – The Host. Drink Slingers LLC carries a $2 million dollar liability insurance.

STEP 4: Talk to your bartender before the event! Drink Slingers LLC always talks with clients before an event, occasionally at the venue. This allows us to introduce ourselves and discuss the party details with you in person.

STEP 5: Make sure the bartender you hire has their own bar tools! Nothing worse than having a bartender come in 10 minutes before a party and ask, “Can I borrow your cork screw?” Yikes! Drink Slingers LLC provides all bar tools, ice buckets, ice chests, buckets to chill beer, coolers to chill wine and soda, plus a FREE portable bar, which look gorgeous in any location (choice of black, red, white or ivory cloth).

And then enjoy your party!