Drink Slingers LLC - A Professional Austin Event Bartending Service

Today we received this lovely sentiment in the body of an email:

"We look forward to working with you guys and admire your professionalism so far compared to other quotes we've gotten."

And we were, of course, grateful that our professionalism was recognized.

Drink Slingers LLC is a specialty service. It is a specialty service in the way that house cleaning, lawn care, tax preparation, organizing services, financial advisement services, website development, food catering, personal training, cake creating services, etc, all make your life easier. And just like having your house cleaned or your lawn mowed or your taxes prepared, you want it done right. Right?


And that is something that Drink Slingers LLC promises: To do it right.

Just take a look at our Five-Star Yelp Reviews if you don't believe us.

Some of our competitors don't pay their bartenders at all, but ask them to rely on tips only. We pay our Austin bartenders a living wage. Some of our competitors don't have insurance. We carry a large ($2 million) insurance policy (which is extremely important when serving alcohol). Some of our competitors send in people who don't really know much about the event they are working. We never send our Austin bartenders in "blind". Our team of extremely competent (and cool) lead bartenders are given the full-411 on the event they are leading and thus have total understanding of who they are serving and what to expect. They have this information because Drink Slingers LLC goes out of its way to make sure that the lines of communication between us and you, the event host (or bride or groom), have remained open from the get-go. By the time your wedding or party rolls around, we have all gotten to know each other pretty well!

And because we are a professional service, and we do all that we can to ensure that our clients have the most successful event possible, we love it when our hard work is recognized. So thank you. We will continue to do all within in our power to keep up the good work.