Austin Event Bartenders Love an Organized Bar

You know that messy, disorganized drawer everyone has in the kitchen – where you can always find a spare battery, loose change or a flashlight? Such chaos is fine for a drawer, but not an Austin bar!

When you hire an Austin bartender from Drink Slingers, LLC, you not only get a TABC certified bartender, but someone who loves to be organized! Using our portable bar (available FREE of charge), we make your liquor selection shine!

(Or “glow” after we put up our candles.)

We have all been to parties that offer a “serve yourself” set up. Eventually, someone will spill some gin, a wine cork will be broken in a bottle and somehow the top of the vodka bottle will end up MIA. Why worry about such things?

Not only will our Austin bartenders keep things neat and tidy, but we will keep an eye on your guests, to ensure everyone has fun and no one over does it!

So, if you are having a party, wedding or corporate event – consider hiring an Austin bartender from Drink Slingers, LLC. We can’t promise you a clean kitchen drawer, but we will promise a spectacular looking bar (and as evidenced here, a spectacular looking bartender!)