Stocking A Bar For Your Austin Wedding

You selected your Austin wedding or Texas Hill Country venue (beautiful!), you have the Austin event bartender (TABC-certified with liquor liability insurance!) and you have the caterer (yum!) – now all you need to do is stock the bar!

Here is an insider tip from this Austin event bartender – do not get too crazy with the menu. Let’s talk beer, for instance: Weddings are not the time to introduce your guests to some exotic craft or home brew you recently “discovered.”

Drink Slingers LLC has worked over 200 events in Austin in the past year or so – we know what we are doing. It may be your first (or second) wedding, but we have met more brides than the fitters at David’s Bridal Shop on both Research Blvd & Brodie Lane combined!

Our suggestions for stocking the bar at your Austin wedding or Texas Hill Country Wedding are:

• No kegs
• Offer only three brands of beer, including one lite beer.

I know having a keg is very Texan and shows your “fun, laid back” side. Forget it – you're not at a college tailgater! Kegs are very, very heavy to move, are super slow to serve, requires cups, the keg has to be returned and your guests are stuck with one type of beer that they may not like! For more reasons why you shoulnd't serve beer from a keg, read our other blog post on the subject.

(Hint – if, however, you have been dreaming of kegs at your wedding since you were
9 years old, then spring for a CO2 Tap rather than the hand pump).

We worked a wedding once that offered a keg of some really dark beer we had never heard of – and yes, they had to return the keg almost full after the reception!

At a recent wedding, the couple purchased 8 types of beer. Here is what happened – first, the bartenders had trouble trying to store the beer in an organized way (too many brands, not enough beer tubs). Your guests will see brands they have never heard of, want to try a “sip” and then cannot decide on which one they like.

Meanwhile, the other 74 guests are waiting in line! Including your co-worker who is hoping the song doesn’t end so he can invite that cute hipster from Brooklyn to dance ...

Remember, you are not stocking the bar for yourself. You are stocking the bar for the masses – the common man and woman who work hard and know what they want.

Which in Texas, is usually a Shiner Bock. See, now you only have to pick two more beers.