Social Host Liability - How to Avoid A Lawsuit!

Our Austin event bartenders would never ruin someone else’s party – but did you know that you, as a social host, might be held liable for damage or injury caused by one of your party guest? Yikes!

The Houston, Texas law firm of Vujasinovic & Beckcom P.L.L.C states on their website:

“Social Host Liability: Could You Be Responsible For Intoxicated Guests Who Cause Accidents In Texas?

Depending on the laws of your state, someone throwing a party and serving alcohol could be found responsible for a traffic accident or other injury that occurs because of the actions of an intoxicated guest. Called 'social host liability', you may be responsible for damages in some states if you serve alcohol to someone at your home who then causes an accident or an injury.”

If a party host continues to serve alcohol to an intoxicated guest or to someone who is under the legal age, the host may be sued for damages.

How can you, as a party host, avoid causing harm to someone indirectly or a costly lawsuit? Hire an Austin bartender certified by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, also known as TABC.

ALL of Drink Slingers' event bartenders are TABC certified bartenders who are specially trained to identify guests who may have had too much to drink. Additionally, our event bartenders will always ask a guest to produce an ID if they appear to be underage, taking these burdens away from the host!

While there is no way to protect against every possible situation, by hiring the TABC certified Austin event bartenders from Drink Slingers, you will be taking a giant step towards protection!