Planning an Outdoor Summer Wedding In Texas? Be careful!

The Texas summer heat is upon us!

Drink Slingers LLC has provided event bartenders for many, many Austin weddings and Texas Hill Country summer weddings. We have seen it done the right way and the ... not so right way!

Last year, one outdoor wedding was so hot, the guests did not feel like even having a cocktail. They sat in the direct afternoon sun during the ceremony and all they wanted to do afterward was have cold water – and a swim! The bride was literally dripping wet with sweat in her wedding gown and the groomsmen had sweat seeping through their suits.

Another outdoor wedding was so hot a guest had to be carried inside to the AC as she was overcome with heat.

Think what the wedding photos will look like – nice arm pits!

Drink Slingers offers these few suggests to make your Austin wedding and Texas Hill Country summer wedding just a bit more pleasant.

DO NOT hold an outdoor ceremony. No matter what you think, your friends will not appreciate sitting in the sun and sweating in their nice dress or their best suit and tie. Even if it is in the evening, you know the Texas heat lingers.

DO NOT have a cocktail hour outside. No one wants to be outside in the heat. We worked one wedding where the guests were required to walk down long gravel trails to the cocktail hour bar. Ever watch women in high heels and men in dress shoes walk on gravel? Not only were they sweating and very uncomfortable, but now they were getting their nice shoes dirty. Heels and gravel do not mix!

DO HAVE plenty of cold water at the ceremony. If you insist on an outdoor ceremony, at least offer your guests loads of ice water! Drink Slingers can set up ice cold water tubs at the entrance to your ceremony. You guests will still be uncomfortable, but at least they will know you were thinking of them at least a little bit!