Do You Need a Full Bar at Your Austin Wedding or Corporate Event?

Everyone loves the thought of a “full” bar at their Austin wedding, private party or Austin corporate event!

The dark, smoky (OK, not any more) bar, the hipster bartender, the mirrored wall and rows upon rows of bottles filled with exotic sounding French, Italian and Spanish liquors! The guests will love it!

Um, not really…

Next time you go to a regular bar in Austin watch the bartenders.

Many people think that having an open bar at their Austin wedding, private party or corporate event is a good idea.

Ummm ... no.

The next time you are at a regular bar in austin, watch the bartenders. What do you think they will serve the most? Yup, beer!

If you want to spend the money and energy having a full bar – go right ahead. Just remember a couple of things:

  • It will be very expensive,
  • You will create lines at the bar
  • There will be lots of bottles left over that you will not even touch by your fifth anniversary!

Your Austin wedding or Austin corporate event guests are going to drink what they always drink – Shiner, a glass of Pinot Noir a Jack & Coke or a vodka tonic. While they may be tempted to order a “Blue Hawaiian” because it is free and they like saying the name – they will take one sip, put it down and then order “the usual.”

Full bars at Austin weddings, corporate events and private parties overwhelm many guests. It is the tyranny of choice. Your auntie from El Paso will ask the event bartender for suggestions, won’t like any of them, will ask more questions, then she’ll want to have a “little sip” of the signature cocktail, then she will change her mind, then order a white wine.

This is all fine – but it will be a 3-minute process! Three minutes per guest and bar lines begin to form. Who wants to see their guests waiting at the bar rather than dancing?

Finally, that “pretty” bottle of banana rum you just had to purchase might be opened for one drink. So, congratulations you are now the proud owner of 749 mil of banana rum you will never use again.

Want our suggestion on how to stock a bar for your Austin wedding, private party or Austin corporate event?

Choose two signature cocktails from our extensive cocktail menu, most of which are easy to prepare and a little out of the ordinary (some of them utilize fresh juices and syrups), to give your guests something a little special. Add some beer and wine and you have yourself a lovely and simple bar menu to choose from.

But if you really want to have more of an "open style" bar, here is what we -who have served hundreds of weddings, corporate events and private parties- recommend:

One white wine, one red wine, two to three types of bottled beer (one being a lite beer), vodka, gin and a whiskey/bourbon.

Add tonic, club soda, orange juice, cranberry juice and coke – and you can safely satisfy 99% of your guests. Plus, you have leftovers you will actually use and enjoy!