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A Self Service Bar at Your Austin Cocktail Party?

So, tonight is the big night! You are hosing a much talked about, long-awaited Austin cocktail party in your very own condo! All your friends (even a few sort of friends) from Georgetown and Round Rock, to Buda and Wimberly have responded YES to the Facebook invites. The condo is sparkling, the dog is with your Mom and the playlist has been approved by your hipster co-worker. You even have that new little black dress hanging upstairs ready to show off your hard earned Pure Austin figure!

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Austin Bartender Shares Favorite Summer Cocktail

Be your own bartender and let’s get this Austin party started!  This easy and refreshing drink is perfect for those hot lazy Austin evenings!  With the measurements shown, you can fill a punchbowl with this Watermelon Cocktail.

(1)  Buy a ripe and locally grown watermelon.  Remove the rind and seeds then mix in a blender for one minute.  (Save some watermelon to garnish the glasses). 

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Preventable Austin Wedding Disasters – Heat, Kids and Shots

The TABC-certified Austin bartenders of Drink Slingers (of Austin, Texas) have worked hundreds of events. They have a pretty good idea of what makes an Austin wedding fun and what puts a damper on the party.

Here are our Austin bartender’s top three Austin wedding preventable disasters:


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Why hire a mobile Austin bartender for your next event? (Reason #2)

When you have a party where everyone is in charge of making their own drinks, the designated area for doing so (oftentimes the kitchen) will invariably become a disaster. And if there is ONE person who is in charge of making drinks, then that person isn't going to be able to enjoy the party. Either way, someone is going to have to do the work to make drinks and clean up after everyone.

When you hire a mobile Ausitn bartender, we do it all.

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Austin bartenders, keeping it local

We met Mark and Peter, the owners of Remington Family Distillers at Chris's liquor store (right here in Austin) last weekend; and not only did we sample their excellent coffee liqueur, called Caffe Del Fuego, but we also had a nice long chat with them. If you are looking for a delicious addition to your Austin bartender service for you upcoming party or event

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Simple Pleasures - Margaritas

Two of our Austin bartenders (Sadie & Nannette) were hosted by some of their good friends on Friday night where they all shared a delicious lasagna dinner and a raucous game of Dobble! This was all preceded by their host whipping up a simple batch of blended margaritas using only four ingredients: ice, fresh lime juice, tequila and just a splash of agave. Simply delicious.


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What you get when you hire Drink Slingers

We LOVE our team of Drink Slingers and we believe we just may have the best Austin bartenders.

All of our Austin bartenders are friendly, enthusiastic, TABC-certified, licensed and fully insured!

Interested in what Drink Slingers services entail? Then look no further than right here:

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