Austin Bartender Shares Favorite Summer Cocktail

Be your own bartender and let’s get this Austin party started! This easy and refreshing drink is perfect for those hot lazy Austin evenings! With the measurements shown, you can fill a punchbowl with this Watermelon Cocktail.

(1) Buy a ripe and locally grown watermelon. Remove the rind and seeds then mix in a blender for one minute. (Save some watermelon to garnish the glasses).

(2) Add the following into a pitcher:
• 4 oz tequila
• 3 oz Triple Orange Liqueur
• 3 oz maraschino liqueur
• 20 oz fresh watermelon juice
• 2 oz pomegranate juice
• 2 oz fresh lemon juice
• watermelon wedges for garnish

(3) Stir well and then strain into cocktail glass.

(4) Garnish with watermelon cubes or wedges.

Thanks to for the recipe!