TABC Event Bartenders

Did you know that an Austin event bartender has to be licensed by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) before they can legally offer their services to the public? That includes hiring an event bartender for a private party at your Austin home, office or outdoor space.


What does TABC certification prove? First, a TABC-certified Austin event bartender is registered with TABC and pays appropriate licensing fees. Second, he or she has successfully completed TABC’s required training course. Third, you can file a complaint (or compliment) with TABC about the event bartender’s service.

So next time your consider hiring an Austin event bartender, simply request a copy of their TABC Certificate and make sure it has not expired. If they hesitate or refuse to provide evidence of their TABC certification, do not hire them! You can also call TABC directly at 512-206-3333 for more information about TABC certification.

All Austin Event Bartenders working for Drink Slingers are TABC-certified and some are also Texas Food Handling Certified! They will gladly show you their certificates, because they are proud of them!

Yes, Drink Slingers has high standards for our employees, and it shows!