Our Staff

The Right Look. The Right Professionalism. The Right People in Austin.

Let’s face it—our biggest selling point is our people. For our team, food and drink service is more than just a stopgap job. It’s a profession—and a passion.

We only hire the best in Austin. We run background checks, verify credentials, and provide training. All of our Austin staff hold TABC Liquor Server certifications.

Even more importantly, we know how crucial our bartending service is in setting the tone for your party. We take pride in our friendly, engaging Austin attitude—and we offer an attractive and professional look that’s perfect for your event.


You can always spot our Austin bartenders in a crowd. They’ve got energy, charisma, and a real enthusiasm for what they do. They offer an exhaustive knowledge of domestic and international wines, craft and local breweries, champagnes, and more. Our Austin bartenders are TABC Liquor Server and Texas Food Handler certified—and can be counted on to keep the good times flowing.


Give our mixologists a cocktail shaker, some liquor, and a few basic ingredients, and there’s no limit to what they can do. From a Manhattan to a Mexican martini, they know all the classics—and regularly invent exciting new cocktails to suit customer tastes. All of our mixologists are TABC Liquor Server and Texas Food Handler certified. So go on—try to stump us sometime.

Coat check attendants, cleanup crew, and more.

We are versatile. So if you have special requests, just ask! For smaller parties, our employees can wear several hats—bartenders can also serve, servers can also wash dishes…you get the idea. That means you may need fewer people for a smaller party—and you can save money.