Austin bartenders crave ice!


Ice, ice baby!

So – you are hosting a house warming party to show off your new downtown condo. The party is swinging, attractive hipsters are mingling on the balcony, electronica is blasting from the speakers and even that new associate you have had you eye since the holiday party is talking to you.

Suddenly – someone shouts “you’re out of ice!” And the party takes a fatal turn....

Don’t be left alone at your own party with that weird neighbor (the one you had to invite so he wouldn’t call the cops to complain about the noise) – make sure you have enough ice on hand.

Ice is cheap, doesn’t smell and can be stored for an ice age if need be. But without it, guests will flee your party like a rodeo cowboy at a book reading!

Best way to estimate amount of ice needed: one pound of ice per person if beer and wine; two pounds per person if you are serving cocktails as well; and three pounds of ice per person if it is summer in Texas!