A Self Service Bar at Your Austin Cocktail Party?

So, tonight is the big night! You are hosing a much talked about, long-awaited Austin cocktail party in your very own condo! All your friends (even a few sort of friends) from Georgetown and Round Rock, to Buda and Wimberly have responded YES to the Facebook invites. The condo is sparkling, the dog is with your Mom and the playlist has been approved by your hipster co-worker. You even have that new little black dress hanging upstairs ready to show off your hard earned Pure Austin figure!

All you need now is for your brother to come over early and set up the self-service bar - meaning he'll bring over a card table and cooler. You are all set, right? WRONG!

These Austin Event Bartenders know what always happens when a host sets up a self service bar. First, someone will spill the vodka. Then someone with break a cork in a wine bottle. Then the cooler will be left open and the ice will begin to melt. Next that dude who played football in high school (and who still thinks he really scored that touchdown against Killeen) will grab the tequila and walk around with it - sipping out of the bottle. No one can find the cups, the ice is gone and some guests are getting too drunk and too noisy! And afterwards, your kitchen is trashed. It's a party gone out of bounds!

This unfortunate scenario would not have happened if you had hired an Austin event bartender from Drink Slingers!

First of all, we are TABC-certified and fully insured.

Second, we don't just stand behind the bar - we take it over! WE serve the drinks, WE open the wine, WE maintain the ice and volume of alcohol being served. Your party goes off without a hitch and no one will be talking about "the creep doing Jagermeister shots out of your coffee cups?"

Hiring an Austin event bartender from Drink Slingers can cost as little as $80 for two hours of service. We can stay as long as you need us - we can even help you clean up and do the dishes!

Plus, we provide a portable bar for FREE. We also do phone consultations with our clients to introduce ourselves and discuss party planning.

Finally, we arrive on time, properly dressed and ready to serve you and your customers!

So next time, think about hiring an Austin bartender from Drink Slingers! You - and your guests - will be so glad you did!