One of our Austin Bartenders in the Austin Chronicle

Austin Bartender and Drink Slinger Theo Love

We were pleased to read this article in the Austin Chronicle last week about Opal Divine's Annual Whisky Festival. Our fabulous Austin bartender, the incomparable Theo Love was mentioned ...

"And you hand over a few of your remaining drink tickets to the tall, gangly, stylishly bespectacled, chocolate-colored man with the tattoos and the armful of jangling bracelets – his name’s Theo, right? Yes, Theo, another one of the squadron of professionals brought in from the other Opal Divine’s outposts to keep the whole deal running smoothly – and this Theo sets you and your friend Rob up with generous shots of what you usually couldn’t afford an entire bottle of."

That's our guy! We (along with Opal's) are lucky to have him!