Another Austin Bartender 5 star Yelp Review!

We LOVE our Drink Slinging Austin bartenders, so much so that we must say it again - we LOVE our Drink Slingers! Our team has been VERY busy with holiday parties - having served 23 events in the last two weeks - and every single one of our Austin bartender Drink Slingers have risen to the challenge. This latest review, from Robbie H. is the perfect punctuation mark on how we feel about our Slingers ...

"Drink Slingers did an awesome job for our office holiday party. They were very responsive to our questions, gave us a shopping list & showed up on time. Brandon was fantastic! He was friendly and engaging and many people commented about how awesome he was. I highly recommend Drink Slingers!"

Thank you to our team for showing up, working hard, and giving people an experience!

Austin bartender happy review