Why hire a mobile Austin bartender for your next event? (Reason #3)

As if reasons one and two were not compelling enough, consider this:

Drink Slingers Austin Bartenders has something that most of the other mobile bartending services in town do NOT have:

o General liability insurance up to $2 million


o Liquor liability insurance up to $2 million

Why is this important? Because here in Texas, there is a “host liability” statute. This means that if one of your guests is involved in an accident or hurts themselves or someone else after they've been gotten drunk at your party, YOU will be held liable.

Drink Slingers Austin bartenders are trained to serve cocktails without overserving, and to closely monitor your guests for drunkenness. And our insurance covers us (and you) just in case something or someone goes awry. So, before you consider hiring another bartender, consider the importance of these policies.