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Tools of our trade - respect, courtesy, honesty

Last November, Drink Slingers LLC merged with the pre-existing event bartending service Urban Bartenders. Since then, we have had the pleasure of working with Urban Bartenders' past clients. And we have done everything in our power to uphold the integrity of UB while finding our own style of footing in the Austin event bartending industry.

And this review, recently posted on Wedding Wire, helps us to know that we are on the righ track:

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Why hire a mobile Austin bartender for your next event? (Reason #2)

When you have a party where everyone is in charge of making their own drinks, the designated area for doing so (oftentimes the kitchen) will invariably become a disaster. And if there is ONE person who is in charge of making drinks, then that person isn't going to be able to enjoy the party. Either way, someone is going to have to do the work to make drinks and clean up after everyone.

When you hire a mobile Ausitn bartender, we do it all.

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What you get when you hire Drink Slingers

We LOVE our team of Drink Slingers and we believe we just may have the best Austin bartenders.

All of our Austin bartenders are friendly, enthusiastic, TABC-certified, licensed and fully insured!

Interested in what Drink Slingers services entail? Then look no further than right here:

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Why hire a mobile Austin bartender for your next event? (Reason #1)

You are having a party. You want to serve drinks. But YOU don't want to serve the drinks, YOU want to enjoy the party. That's where WE come in!

Our TABC Certified mobile Austin bartenders travel to where your party, wedding or corporate event is. And our general and liquor liability insurance covers you in the case of an accident. In addition, our Austin bartenders are trained in the art of "safe serving", so you don't have to worry about whether or not your guests are safe to continue drinking or if it's time to switch to a non-alcoholic beverage.


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Specialty Cocktails Menu

Here at Drink Slingers, we pride ourselves on the ability to take your party to the next level. We can pour more than basic drinks. Our Austin bartenders love to make your event special by serving signature cocktails for your event, many of which we have designed ourselves. And to make it even more specialized, we will create a personalized menu for your bar so that guests know exactly what they are getting.

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Our Austin bartenders LOVE Thyme And Dough

Our Austin bartenders have worked several events that were catered by the loving and talented hands at Thyme and Dough and we are always impressed. Sadie stopped by on her way back from Blanco last weekend and filled up on their exquisite chicken-sausage turnover and a well-crafted latte. We hear that this breakfast/lunch cafe is now doing a Thursday night bistro dinner! S

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Marriage Equality Open House!

We are thrilled to be a sponsor of the [Marriage Equality Open House][1] at The Sanctuary Event Space this Friday! Our Austin bartenders are proud supporters of the LGBTQ community, many of us being members ourselves, and we look forward to being in the midst of fellow supporters [Royal Fig Catering][2], [Bellwether Photo][3] and artist [Drew Riley's Gender Portraits][4]!


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We can design specialty drinks for your next event!

Drink Slingers' Austin bartenders serve up amazing drinks, some of which we have designed ourselves!

Looking for a fun cocktail idea? Hire our bartenders to serve your Austin event and we will help you discover it. Such as the Gypsyritas we created for the [Gypsy Floral][1] opening party: strawberry jalapeño margaritas made with fresh juices.

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