Winter Party Basics

Are you wondering what types of alcohol to serve at your Austin party this winter?

Your guests will not drink much white wine in these colder months - red wine is the way to go; serve a Malbec or a Cab and your guests will be pleased as punch. Take Gin off your shopping list in favor of vodka, and stock up on liquors like Tequila and Bourbon that will warm the belly, and the party.

Our Austin bartenders love to whip up cool-weather concoctions like the Raspberry Smash: Raspberry Jam, Bourbon, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, a splash of club soda; shake, strain and pour over ice, garnish with an orange slice ... and voila! You've got a delicious, warming winter cocktail for the chilly Austin months!

Image by  Brandy J.

Image by Brandy J.