Why to serve "Mocktails" at your wedding or private party

Not everyone drinks alcohol.

We know that's difficult to comprehend, especially in boozey Austin, Texas. But it's something to remember when you are planning your Austin wedding reception, party or corporate event.

Not everyone drinks alcohol.

And so it is up to you to offer these guests the same consideration that you would your drinking guests and offer them non-alcoholic options. Unsure what to offer besides the usual boring, sugary sodas? That is where Drink Slingers LLC comes in. Not only to we "know our stuff" when it comes to event bartending and serving alcoholic beverages, but we also have a pretty good handle on "mocktail" making. Many of the drinks on our "signature cocktail" list can be made without liquor and are just as delicious, satisfying and refreshing as they would be with alcohol.

For instance, our signature Blueberry-Basil Gimlet (as pictured above) is a combination of Topo Chico, Drink Slingers LLC signature handmade blueberry-basil simple syrup, fresh lemon juice and vodka. But sans vodka, it's a fresh and delicious blueberry-basil Italian soda! Perfect for anyone who doesn't drink alcohol or who is abstaining from it for any reason. It looks like a cocktail, tastes like a cocktail, but isn't a cocktail. It's a "mocktail".

So, at your next event served by Drink Slingers LLC, let's discuss giving your non-drinking guests something a little nicer than a Coke or a Sprite. Your non-drinking guests will thank you!