Finding the Best Event Bartender in Austin Texas

Many event bartenders will offer their services for your private parties, weddings and corporate events. However, how do you find the best event bartenders in Austin Texas?

Here are the questions you should ask BEFORE hiring a bartender:

Is the event bartender Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) certified? Did you know you could verify a bartender’s credentials at the TABC website. You can also determine a complaint was ever filed against the person. Being certified means the bartender has completed official training and knows how to keep you and your guests safe. Most importantly, a TABC certified bartender might help you avoid liability under the Texas Host Liability Law.

Is the event bartender properly licensed? If not, hang up that phone immediately! Of course, an unlicensed bartender is cheaper – they are not operating legally! Did you know if you hire an unlicensed contractor to do work in your house who then causes your house to burn down, your homeowners insurance would not cover you? Same goes for bartenders.

Is your event bartender insured? Some bartenders are NOT insured because they mistakenly believe YOUR homeowner’s insurance will cover any liability. What that bartender is really saying is they are more concerned about profits than your protection. Most venues require bartenders to have at least $1 million in insurance. If the bartender skimps on insurance, what else is missing? Drink Slingers LLC carries a $2 million dollar insurance policy.

Will the event bartender talk with you BEFORE the event and discuss your party plans?
Why hire a bartender who will only arrive 20 minutes before an event and then disagree where you want to place the bar?

Will your event bartender provide a complimentary shopping list for alcohol (types and amounts) and non-alcoholic items (ice, cups, napkins, mixers, etc.) needed to make your party a success? Some bartenders just “show up” and then tell you there is not enough beer or glassware. Who needs that stress on event day?

Finally, will the event bartender pick up and transport the ice on the day of the event? It is the least a good bartender can do – they know exactly how much ice you will need based on the number of invited guests. Remember, if you run out of ice, the party will go south fast!

If your event bartender replies “NO” to one or more of these questions do yourself and your guests a favor - do not hire them. Instead, contact Drink Slingers, LLC! We will always answer “YES” to these questions and more!

Drink Slingers, LLC is an Austin-based, properly licensed, insured, event bartending company providing only TABC certified bartenders! We have the experience and ideas to make your party fun – and a lot less work for you!