Ahhhh ... the fabulous Mocktail and why you should offer it to your guests

It's warming up outside (okay, it's already blazing hot and it's only June, but it's Texas so we can't complain -- too much).

But with the warm weather comes a shift in some of the drinks we are slinging. We don't serve as much red wine in the summer, as most wine drinkers reach for a crisp, cool sauvignon blanc or a refreshing rosé. Beer styles tend toward the lighter goses, pale ales, light lagers and fruit beers. And we see cocktails served with fresh seasonal juices and herbs like watermelon and basil, having moved far away from serving anything hot or infused with warming spices.

And the warmer months are when we see something else super refreshing - The Mocktail!

We love mocktails! Seriously. There is nothing better than a fresh, tart, bubbly, slightly sweet and COLD mocktail - which we also refer to as a Refresher, thanks to Melissa Hartwig, author of Whole 30. We talk about Mocktails and the concept of not imbibing on our Instagram feed occasionally because we think talking about not drinking is a very important conversation to have. Not everyone drinks, we know this. And something else we know? Not everyone should drink. And there are a lot of people nowadays who don't drink for one reason or another. So having a mocktail option at your event honors this. It gives credence to the notion that alcohol-free folks are people too.

Mocktails can be really simple and can use some of the same elements of the cocktails you may be choosing to serve, just without the alcohol. Ingredients like fresh lime juice, ginger beer or ginger ale, fizzy water and flavored syrups.

drink slingers mocktail offerings with soco ginger beer

Do you know what we see at events where we offer an interesting non-boozey choice for abstaining guests to sip on? We see relief in knowing that they can partake in the offerings of the bar and we see excitement that they have a choice beyond boring water. But mostly what we see is gratitude, gratitude that their (very healthy) choice to not drink alcohol has been taken into consideration and thoughtfully attended to.

So think about that when you are planning the bar menu for your wedding or event.

And we have an extensive mocktail menu, so if you'd like to see it just ask! Meanwhile, here's a recipe that will cool you down, keep you focused, and put a spring in your step.

Berry Happy Together

1 oz rosemary blackberry syrup*

½ oz fresh lime juice

2 dashes of angostura bitters

Shake these three ingredients well with ice, then pour over fresh ice and add one oz of ginger ale and then top it off with Topo Chico. Garnish with a blackberry and lime wheel.

* For rosemary blackberry syrup, slowly bring one cup blackberries, one bunch of rosemary, one cup sugar and one cup of water to a simmer. Simmer gently for two minutes, then remove from heat, cover and let steep for at least one hour. Keep cool in the fridge in an airtight container for up to two weeks.

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