Drink Slingers Vendor Spotlight ~ The Popsicle Stand Wine Popsicles


Stephanie Milam, the owner of The Popsicle Stand, has been creating and serving wine Popsicles for Central Texas events since July 2018. Before embarking upon her recent role as a Austin’s Popsicle priestess, Stephanie was the Wine Club Manager of a local winery. She made the switch to wine after 10 years of working in startup operations and market research.

Her Popsicle product was brought to delicious life when, while working at the winery, the owner challenged her management team to come up with ideas for additional revenue generation. Inspired by the popularity of Frosé, Stephanie thought she’d try her hand at freezing one of their dessert wines.

austin wedding bartender popsicle stand wine popsicle drink slingers

And it worked!

And now Stephanie has married her love of wine with the love of creating something delicious and unique that she gets to share with others.


We asked Stephanie what she like most about working in events, and what her favorite piece of advice is to give to her clients and this is what she had to say ~

“I love being part of a celebration! Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or festival, the guests are celebrating and enjoying the moment, and it's pretty special to be able to share in their spirit.”


“People often ask me if they can expect to feel the effects of alcohol after eating a popsicle and I tell them that one Popsicle is equal to about half of a drink!”

And when pressed about the Popsicle creation process, without giving away her secrets, Stephanie graciously divulged this ~

“I use sweet and dessert wines because I want the Popsicles to actually taste like wine. Using dry wine for Popsicles would require the addition of a lot of sugar or fruit juice, and that's much less appealing to me. Instead, I add edible flowers, fresh fruit, and herbs that compliment the profile of the wine... and make them look beautiful!”

Yes! They are gorgeous. Truly works of edible art!