How to have the best party ever

A party: It isn't just about one thing, it's about the careful curation of many factors that make it either super successful or a total dud. We do a lot of parties, and so we have a pretty good idea of what edges it over to the successful side of the street.

Our top 4 ways to have the best party ever

Lights, lights lights, yeah! If your party is outdoors and at night, string some inexpensive holiday lights around to create a sexy ambience. If your party is indoors, low lighting is best (get those switches on dimmers). No one wants to have deep and meaningful conversations under the glow of compact flourescent.

Food for thought. Eating food at a party is like drinking from the communal well, it bonds us, delights us and nourishes our body and spirit. Choose the best quality you can get that will fit your budget, and don't go overboard. Drop and go services from caterers or even Costco catering can feed a lot of people on a small budget.

Music madness. Music is a way we connect to both ourselves and to other people. But not all of your guests will have the same taste in music as you do, so mix it up by incorporating several genres of music into your playlist or DJ set. Adding some oldies but goodies that most people know the lyrics to is also a great way to unify groups of people that might not have had the chance to connect yet.

Drinks by the Slingers! You've had the party where guests served themselves and you had to tackle a trashed kitchen at the end of the night instead of going straight to sleep like you wanted to. Drink Slingers sets up a fully functional bar and takes the mixing and serving of drinks off your hands so that you can enjoy your party. And then they break it down for you at the end of the night, so all you have to do is decide when to throw your next party. Because it's been a total success and you can't wait to do it again!

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