Drink Slingers Event Partner Spotlight ~ Kierstin Schupack of Lovely Day Events

We work with a lot of event coordinators here in Austin and some of them we just "click" with. Kierstin Schupack, owner of Lovely Day Events Austin, is one of those people. When she reaches out to us requesting bar services for her wedding clients, we are immediately assured of two things

1) The wedding will be extremely well organized

2) And it will be beautiful

Kierstin has been in the wedding industry for 4 years but has a background in theater and directing, producing plays and directing a film festival for several years. Kierstin has always loved creative collaborations and is very detail-oriented, so wedding planning was a natural fit.


We asked Kierstin a few questions to get to know this bright light in the industry a little better, beginning with the inspiration for her business name, Lovely Day Events~


Kierstin: When I was dating my husband, he used to live in NOLITA [in Manhattan] next door to a restaurant called Lovely Day. I remember thinking it was a great name. My husband also loves the song "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers and to be completely honest, Lovely Day was the least corny name I could come up with.

Drink Slingers: Lovely Day is one of the very best songs ever recorded, in our opinion! Kierstin, what do you like most about being a wedding planner?

Kierstin: I absolutely love helping people. No one can really tell you how stressful and emotional planning a wedding or event can be until you are in the thick of it. I love being able to help clients manage their money, prevent stressful situations and give them practical solutions for planning logistics and family dynamics. Weddings are such a special time in people's lives, it's a joy and honor to be a part of the process.

Drink Slingers: What is your favorite piece of advice that you give to your clients when planning their wedding?

Kierstin: Don't get caught up in the little details so much that it robs you of your joy and takes away the real meaning of your wedding. You and your partner are having a wedding to celebrate your love and commitment to each other with your family and friends. No one really cares about the table runners. As long as your guests are well fed, have a well-stocked bar, and a little music to dance to, they will have a wonderful time celebrating your marriage.

Drink Slingers: We could not agree more. Thank you Kierstin!